The internet, smart phones and computer tablets have made live easier in 21st Century, but have also had a hand in increasing stress in our lives!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Movement and structured exercise in our modern lives is now more important than ever!

Here are my Top 10 Benefits of Exercise in terms of today’s high-tech society.

  1. Helps with weight control. We all know that exercise burns calories, but not everyone knows which type of exercise gives you the longest “after burn.” Aerobic exercise will give the most calorie burn during exercise, but the boost to metabolism stops pretty quickly also.  Yoga exercises, Pilates and many non-aerobic strength exercises may not get the heart rate up as high as aerobic, but the effects of burning calories can last up to two hours!
  2. Exercise makes us healthier.  Especially helpful are weight bearing exercises and strength moves.  The stronger we can become, the higher the health benefit.  Stronger muscles increases circulation, which helps the heart and lungs, which increases blood flow to all cells, muscles and tissues.  More health benefits of exercise is that HDL (or good cholesterol) is increased and triglycerides are decreased; skin looks better and appearance is younger.
  3. Mood is improved. If we feel better, our emotions are more in control, eliminating anxiety and stress related ailments.
  4. Stamina is improved.  Not just the burst of energy we feel with the endorphin rush of exercise, but building stronger muscles and improving the core strength of the body, increases endurance for everything we do. As the lungs and heart get stronger, and your stamina improves, it promotes more sustained energy to enjoy life’s activities.
  5. Exercise helps reduce insomnia.  It is best not to do physical exercise within five hours of bedtime, but the effects of elevated mood, feeling healthier, happier and looking better will help with falling asleep and getting your required rest.  See the pattern forming here?
  6. Your sexual health improves. Improved libido, especially for women, encourages sexual activity which keeps hormones flowing and better circulation and prettier, softer skin.
  7. Exercise promotes fun in your life.  Sharing exercise with mates, friends and teammates is fun.  Taking classes and learning new skills among a supportive community is fun and builds self confidence!
  8. Brain activity and mental health is improved.  Not only does being healthier from exercise lead to less headache and brain fuzziness, the improved circulation and blood flow to all organs will help with your thinking and reasoning ability.
  9. Reduces Stress. Along with – chemical dependencies, depression, eating disorders and addictions can all be handled better and sometimes removed entirely from life from regular exercise routines.
  10. Manages chronic diseases and helps prevent premature aging and death.

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“Whether you choose pain or you choose progress, it always comes back to the fact that YOU have a CHOICE.”

Keep Smiling.
Life reflects you.

In Health & Happiness,

Sharna. x