“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” — Brené Brown


I went looking for a quote that resonates with what I am feeling and the journey I feel I have been on over the last 14+ years, and this quote above from Brene Brown jumped out at me.

I love it! And I know when you stop and feel it, a lot of other people will resonate with it too.

I am now 17days post-op. Some of you will know and some of you may not know – just over 2 weeks ago I had my breast implants removed after 14 years of having implants. I have been having questionable health concerns on and off for 4 years. The more research I did and the more I became in-line with my true core values of where I am now at in life; the less I felt comfortable with having implants inside my body.

So at the end of last year I made the decision to remove them and not replace them. I knew as soon as I made that decision that I would need to go deeper in to the journey of self love, self acceptance and unpack why I got them in the first place. And I knew that there would be an even deeper journey post-op as well… And man was I right!

I was trying to explain this to Joel, my fiance, but I feel like I have been connected back with my true self. I am fully me, no facade, nothing to hide behind, all parts of me are my true authentic self. I haven’t felt like this since 2007.

I feel completely raw, vulnerable and completely exposed but in the best possible way.

Ask me how I felt the week after the operation though and I would of not replied the same…

I have had to sit with my new physical body and do the work mentally and emotionally to accept my journey, accept my choices and choose to still love myself in the process. I have had to take off the “I’m fine” mask and be real with myself on many different levels, something I don’t truely think I have ever done in my life. I have had more difficult and vulnerable conversations with myself, and those close to me in the last week than I have my whole life. And because of this I feel a sense of freedom and safety in this world that I think I was searching for my whole life.

This may resonate with some people and others may not. And that is ok.

I have realised my journey is mine to be proud of – all facets of it, and it is mine to fully tell. Hiding behind a facade, or sharing only some bits creates a “safe but inauthentic” story that didn’t truly allow me to be free in the process.

And I know through working with clients over the years that this story is the same for many others. Not necessarily to do with implants or “fake” physical features, but to do with the stories or narratives that people have on themselves and the picture people are presenting to the world because of the fear of being truely vulnerable and “exposed”.

This impacts the way we live and the limits we put on ourselves, which directly impacts our health mentally, emotionally and physically daily.

It is heavy. It is exhausting.

So this is me now. After just celebrating 10 years of business, I could not be more proud of my continuous journey of growth and showing up to be of service and help for others.

If there is something in this blog that resonates with you or leaves you with some questions – please comment and get in touch with me! I am a compete open book and want to help on all levels.

And in the mean time I would like to leave you with 2 book suggestions that will positively impact your life if you take the time to read them, both by Brene Brown.

  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Dare to Lead

In Health and Happiness,