KARMA – the law of cause and effect states that everything you do, good or bad, has a consequence.
Karma can be built up and it can also be burnt off.
Every day is a new day… every new day is a chance to change your destiny.

‘Calma Health’ came from my belief that when we make the right choices in regards to our own health, we can live a peaceful (CALM) and fulfilled life, which will in turn lead to happiness for ourselves and for those around us.
Every choice we make not only impacts on ourselves, but also on the ones we love.
And by ‘right’ choices, I don’t mean make safe and easy ones.
Nothing worth achieving ever came easy.
Don’t be afraid to take risks. Follow your heart and believe.
What you did yesterday will affect who you are today, and who you will become tomorrow.
What choices you make today, in terms of what you EAT, what exercise you DO and even what you THINK will determine what type of LIFE you will be living tomorrow…

Calma Health's aim is to guide, empower and support clients to take control of their health and fitness by providing the right tools to live a healthy and fulfilled life, both in body and mind.

It is my belief that every individual is capable of living the full and healthy life they dream of. When you take the time to learn your own body and mind, and to learn what your body really needs, you will allow yourself the opportunity to become whole again.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”



  • Annabelle

    Sharna’s enthusiasm, motivation and above all, level of service is far beyond that of your average trainer. Sharna’s business acumen is that it is about helping people achieve their goals and nothing is too much trouble for her. Sharna is a smart and creative coach who will not let you give up until you reach your personal goals with her motivation and enthusiasm being infectious!

  • Siobhan

    I wanted to build muscle, become fitter, healthier and stronger, and lead by example for my son! Wish Sharna’s help, I have exceeded all my expectations. She is there to support and motivate me each week throughout my journey. She gives me a little pick me up on days where my own motivation is lacking. She pushes me towards my goals, but also keeps in mind my imbalances, and weaknesses to improve on. I can now say I am a National Level Fitness Model Competitor and I could not have done it without my outstanding coach, Sharna.

  • Ashley

    I am still talking to people about my "prep coach”, your work with me was a fine piece of art! You really have influenced me over your time helping me. You have influenced me so much I now want to do fitness as a career. I am doing very well, still training very hard and I can’t wait for next comp prep so you can influence me even more. Thank you!

  • Anthea

    I have never felt so alive as I have since doing Sharna’s 12-Week Online Program. It focused me like never before and showed me what I am capable of. I would highly recommend, and do recommend, Sharna and her programs to anyone. Her support is amazing, judgment-free and incredibly educational. Thank you Sharna.

  • Bruna Carolini

    I am feeling and looking great! People are asking me if I have lost weight and saying I look fabulous. It feels amazing! Thank you, Sharna. You are my inspiration. I never thought I could be this strong and I have even surprised myself!