At Calma Health we offer One on One Personal Training, Exercise Rehabilitation and Sports Nutrition consultations

These sessions are based at Calma Health’s private studio in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Sessions are always varied with the use of dumbbells, medicine balls, cable machine, TRX, Fitballs, Therabands, depending on the individual’s level.
During the initial session your trainer will assess your posture, core stability, level of fitness, functional ability, range of motion, flexibiltiy, and body composition; and then discuss with you your goals and the direction for your training.

Commitment and consistency are solid values of Calma Health’s trainers; and this is evident throughout every single training session. You will be tried and tested in all areas to ensure you are continuously working towards your personal goals.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is a tertiary qualified allied health professional who is able to design new individualised exercise programs, review your current exercises and activity levels and provide advice to assist you in managing musculoskeletal injuries and/or chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Asthma, Cancer and Depression.

AEP’s are trained to deal with all types of injuries and illnesses, as well as helping healthy populations reach their optimal physical function by improving strength, postural control and muscle imbalances.

AEP’s are trained to make exercise work for you. Whether this is in your own home, your local park or in our studio, we can make it happen.



45 minute sessions – $108

(All sessions include training and nutrition plans)

Contact Sharna for more information regarding One-on-One sessions.