MY MISSION: To help people be the BEST versions of themselves no matter the starting point; through correct nutrition & supplements, mindful movement and a positive mindset.

As a health professional, I see the benefits of looking after yourself and your health, and I also see the cost of ignoring your health and fitness daily.

Where do you fall when it comes to taking care of yourself? Do you “drag yourself” to the gym sometimes and try to eat “healthy” occasionally? Or are you committed to mindfully moving your body daily, choosing foods & supplements that nourish your body from the inside out, and taking initiative to live your longest/fullest life?

There is a difference between INTERESTED & COMMITTED. When I understood this, and got real with myself I started to grow in so many areas of my life!

So what does INTEREST v’s COMMITMENT have to do with longevity and prevention of injuries you may be asking?

ALOT! Once you COMMIT to looking after your body, you will do everything you want to to nurture it.

Building a strong body is one of those ways, improving your fitness with cardiovascular training is one of those ways, providing your body with the correct nutrition and supplement support is one of those ways…..And reducing the risk of injury is also one of those ways!

Some tips I would love you to keep in mind when you take a look at your exercise / training next week are:

* Does your activity incorporate a mix of modes, e.g cardiovascular, strength & flexibility?
* Does your resistance program include a variety of phases, e.g strength power & strength endurance?
* Is your training functional, in order to ensure you function with ultimate confidence in everyday life! E.g, includes all patterns of primal movement (push, pull, lunge, squat, rotations).
* Do you give adequate time to active/dynamic warm ups and cool down/stretching?
* Are you taking the correct nutrition/supplement support around your training to ensure optimum output and recovery/repair.

It is my absolute belief that we can ALL live life with the level of vitality and energy we were designed to! We are meant to move freely without pain, and not live in a state of fog or disconnect.

If you need help with anything above, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Whether it is to do with nutritional help, training programs & pre/rehabilitation, supplement & vitamin/mineral support or mindset coaching – I AM HERE FOR YOU!

We were born to shine and born to experience life to it’s fullest!

Make this week yours!

In Health & Happiness,