I have mentioned in past blogs and updates about how clients sometimes have commented on how my life is easy or that I am perfect 100% of the time.

This is BS.

I am not perfect. Nor do I ever preach to be.
Coaches, trainers, mentors, health professionals – whatever the title – are no different to anyone else. We have faults, imperfections, bad habits, emotions, tough days and struggle with the same things that our clients, members, patients do
To give you an idea about me, here are my own CONFESSIONS and an insight into my ‘imperfect’ life.
1. I don’t have an off switch.
I get stressed and I only have myself to blame. I take on lots. I like to be busy. I like to be constantly challenge. I find it hard to stop. But the busier I get, the more I realise how important organisation and priorities are! I am ok with the pace of my life, in fact I love it because I know what my priorities are and unless they are being compromised, then my switch can stay on.
2. I eat chocolate.
Yes, I do. I used to be a self-confessed chocoholic. However, I discovered balance somewhere, and now do not beat myself up when allowing myself some chocolate (mostly Pana Chocolate or Cadbury’s) with my son weekly… Yes, sorry coach (aka boyfriend) I am human! I eat chocolate.
3. I am a control freak.
Yes, I am aware of this. lol. Sometimes it is useful – great planning skills! Sometimes it is challenging – a big need to learn to control the controllable and let go of the rest.
4. I don’t always get enough sleep.
(refer to # 1 and #6)
5. I compare myself to others, and often doubt myself.
We all do. As much as I teach my clients and members to focus on themselves, use your past best as the next target, we are still wired with self doubt. I have learnt tools, affirmations, visualisation to help over come these doubts. Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.
6. I always think I could be doing more. (see #1)
I put alot of pressure on myself to keep improving, to keep learning, to keep moving, doing… We are often so hard on ourselves, it is hard to know when too much is too much. I manage this with my ‘to-to’ lists, and know when I get my lists done, I can breathe (even if it just a few minutes until I find the next thing to do…)
7. I enjoy a drink or two.
I used to drink, alot. At Uni, travelling overseas, socialising on the weekends, a wine or two a night while cooking dinner. But after having my little boy I naturally did not go back to drinking as much. And then I got into Fitness Modelling, I learnt ALOT more about my body, I could see (and feel) the effect it had, even just one glass, on my body. So I made the conscious decision not to ‘get plastered’ on a regular basis. I just don’t enjoy it. But when the time comes, for birthdays or big events (and I am not in comp mode) I will let my hair down and have a drink or two.
8. I eat takeaway.
Yes, I eat takeaway. And yes, I have eaten takeaway even through comp season (oohh ahhh). The key to a healthy life is EDUCATION. Know your foods, what you need to eat on a consistent basis to be eating correctly, then search out takeaways that have healthy-ish versions. For example, Nandos! Amazing tenderloins in a healthy-ish sauce, with a green salad. Or Grilled, similar again – grilled chicken & pomergranite salad, amazing!

In Health & Happiness –

Sharna O’Connor x

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