Do you need a bit more motivation to get up and get moving in these cooler months?

If you are anything like me, I will take your answer as a YES!

Here you go!

1. Instantly increases your mood – yep – scientifically proven to boost your endorphins! Google it – happy hormones – we all want and need that!
2. Is a pain killer! Yep if you live with chronic pain, lower back pain, headaches from sitting at a desk job, any kind of stiffness, then get in to some structure and organised exercise. You will get blood flowing, reduce stress and reduce pain in the body!
3. Is addictive – in the best possible way – and can help with mental states of depression, lack of purpose, anxiety etc…
4. Improves self-efficacy by showing you can practice self control, implementation and self love… Getting moving releases several neurotransmitter (chemicals in the body) that will lead to positive self image and confidence…

So there you have it – 4 very reasonable reasons to get moving and all scientifically proven reasons at that!

If you are in Brisbane and looking for some extra motivation to finish off Winter and spring in to Spring, why not join us on our Bootcamp which kicks off on July 22nd for 8 weeks!
Only a few spots remaining so email me to save your spot – [email protected]
This year we are celebrating with all of our Calma Health clients with a high tea party in July and Spring break up party! This is a great way to meet other like minded peeps and get the support we all need to keep smashing goals!

Join us for some fun and fitness this Autumn.

Keep smiling and keep moving…