Would you agree that one of the hardest parts of getting fit is actually making exercise a consistent habit?

As you know, I am a massive believer in consistency… Habits create consistency and habits take time and determination to build…

After some research and reading great articles on athletes and people passionate about movement, I have put together the top habits of people who just get it done… If you can replicate these habits, constantly over a month long period, I guarantee you will build up some strong healthy and fit habits that will last a lifetime!


  1. They always do SOMETHING every morning even if it is only 15 or 20minutes! Something is better than nothing.
  2. They keep it social and fun, and often get their family and friends involved to increase accountability.
  3. They prepare the night before by usually laying out their clothes and knowing exactly what they need for first thing in the morning.
  4. They choose to remember how they would feel if they didn’t exercise.
  5. They make every step count in every part of their day; by taking the stairs, walking to meetings, getting off public transport one stop earlier.
  6. They keep spare equipment and clothes ready in a packed bag incase so they never have an excuse.
  7. They stand more than sit; no matter what they will aways find a way to avoid sitting and stand for longer periods of time.
  8. They always plan their exercise. Failing to plan is planning to fail, right?!
  9. They seek out expert guidance coaching even when their own knowledge is quite high, making sure their own needs and skills are being met.
  10. They pick exercise that good for their body and are based around the goals they have set for themselves. 

Happy habit building peeps!

In Health & Happiness,

Sharna xox