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I’ve been pretty much the same weight (give or take) for years but in the last few years I have noticed that as I get older it is harder to lose those few extra kilos and to stay toned.

All that changed when I started has pretty much eating at the right times and not overeating, knowing the right foods to eat and the right exercise in my week. Calma health has really helped me with knowing exactly what I should be eating, how much and when to eat, and also knowing exactly what exercise I should be doing day to day.

As I live in Melbourne and fly as a Flight Attendant Internationally, I thought it would be difficult to start an 8 week challenge online and stick to it but with the help of Calma health and a little bit of focus and dedication, I am feeling great. After 8-week Ebook Challenge I am now feeling much more motivated to exercise and enjoying eating clean, and also starting to see results.