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I have been a client of Sharna’s for about 4 years now. When I first met Sharna, even at 19 I had many body-loathing feelings and no idea about how exercise and diet could improve my life. I chose low calorie options, purely to lose weight, did mindless hours of cardio per week and was never satisfied with my body. Throughout my journey with Sharna, I have learned so much about my body and mind. I am healthier, more knowledgeable and happier and I know it is because she was there for support, encouragement, to push me when I didn’t think I could work any harder and to teach me about food and training. I am now at my lowest body fat percentage, I eat to nourish my body, I train to push myself and reach goals of strength, rather than reducing numbers on the scales. Thank you Sharna for always being there for me, I appreciate you more than I could ever explain.