At first I struggled with finding a title to this blog because I knew I just wanted to write about life and conversations I had over the last few months and it would cover so many areas…. but I eventually realised being real, open, honest and upfront about the ins and outs of my day and my mind was where is was at for this blog… Hence – the daily struggle…

Now in no way is the title to indicate that I feel my life is a struggle or that the “daily grind” is difficult. Nope, not at all (although I won’t lie that some days are more of a grind then a walk in the park – I am human). But what I realised over the last few month is that how most people I speak to label their life or others lives in a certain way, and have stories they tell themselves to make them feel like life is a chore, certain things are hard work, everything is a grind, somethings aren’t ever possible, life has to be so serious, I can go on and on…

We are nearly 1 month in to 2017. How many of you are thinking, “Where has that month gone?” and how many of you are thinking, “I have gotten so much done in January, it’s been awesome!”?

That my friends, is the perfect example right there of whether you see life as a struggle/grind or a pleasure/privelage…

Ok, where am I going with all of this. Well, in November last year I made the decision that I would aim to compete again this year. As I am an open book, I shared this with family, clients and friends. I already knew from competing in 2012-2014 that people will ask questions, people will make comments and people will have opinions. What I was not prepared for was my own reactions and thoughts to these comments, questions, opinions…

This time around with preparing to compete I have a totally different mindset (balance and happiness is possible everyday) and have a very different workload ( two businesses )  and different family commitments (Harry is older, more engaged and I feel I need more energy to be my best for him).

I took 2 years off competing to find what “health” means to me, and to find what I love in terms of exercise, nutrition, social commitments and genuine self love. So making the decision to compete again was based on knowing what I know now, not jumping back to the ways of how I lived and competed pre-2014…

I AM “aiming” to compete on May 21st, yes. I am also continuing life pretty much as is – that is training (strength and cardio because I will always love running), eating balanced ( tracking my macros and enjoying “treats”) and not putting stupid pressure on myself… Over this next 4 month period I have ALOT of commitments – purchasing my first ever home and moving house, travelling to Texas for a business conference, visiting my soon-to-be first niece in Sydney, Easter school holidays, along with the normal 5am-10pm days of running my businesses and being a mum! This is not an excuse to not do my best, or give myself an out, but more so to show others (and myself) that you do not need to give up life AND everything that makes you genuinely happy, to compete. This is also me being real, and saying, hell there is a chance I may not get up on that stage in May, but I am going to give the next 16 weeks the best of me to be the best me, and I am excited, that is all that matters.

Since December these are some comments/questions that have come my way:

  • guess we won’t see you much next year
  • how is she every going to eat out at a restaurant
  • are you ready to be a hermit again
  • why would you go back to that when your life is fun now
  • I thought you were done with that phase of your life

Each and every one of us have a “daily struggle”, stories we tell ourselves why we can’t, or negative self talk that stops us moving in the direction we want. I hope I can shed some light in to your lives in what I do and give at least one person the understanding that being your best does not mean you have to sell your soul.

Here is to a continued amazingly open and fun filled 2017! I have never felt so content and directed in life as I do these days. Remember – you get what you focus on. So I hope you are all choosing your focus for this year.

In Health and Happiness,

Sharna. xxx