I was going to keep these “start” photos to myself and as I complete my 8 Week Online Program as a way to boot my butt back in to shape after my holiday!

I was truly inspired by some of my recent 8-Week Bootcamp Challenge ladies and the results they achieved, so I decided once I got back from my recent Fiji holiday to follow my Booster Guide Program.

I got back from my holiday, got all of my food prepared, planned out my training days as set out in the Booster Guide. And as it truly is ALL set out in my program, I really didn’t have to do much.

What committing to doing my program DID allow me was to switch my mind back to being health focused, back to nourishing movement, back to feeding my body for vitality and having a plan to follow that I know works, so it took the guess work out of it for me.

Now I say I sometimes don’t always stick to the plan… Well, I wasn’t going to share my “start” photos, and progress photos with anyone until the end of the 8 weeks. That was the plan…

BUT, I honestly did not expect to see AND feel so much of a change in 7 days!

I know I live and breathe health and fitness daily, it’s my job! But I am a real person, and to be honest, sometimes I get clouded by all of the images and transformations and pitches in the industry. As I am sure you can relate to?

Information overload. Analysis paralysis.

Have you heard of these terms? Have you experienced them yourself?

Life does not have to be complicated! It is the same as health and fitness.

So what DID I do over the last 7 days?

It is simple. REALLY. It is.

Everything which is set out in the 8 Week Body and Nutrition Booster Guide, is EXACTLY what I did.

Committed to myself. Wrote down my goals.

Did my measurements. Took my photos.

Reviewed the recipes and grocery shopped. Prepared my food.

Scheduled my exercise days (3 resistance circuits & 3 HIIT sessions. All sessions from 26 – 40minutes max!)

Ate my food. Did my exercise. Drank lots of water.

Took my 7 day photos. Did my 7 day measurements. Surprised the hell out of myself!

SIMPLE. It is EVERYTHING I teach every one of my client – face to face AND online.

I cannot stress enough that health, vitality, energy, wellbeing AND looking how you want to look does NOT have to be complicated!

Sometimes the most simple of plans can be the most effective!

The secret is just that – HAVE A PLAN, STICK TO IT & YOU CAN’T GO WRONG.

Looking forward to seeing what the next 7 weeks brings! Stay tuned.

In Health & Happiness,

Sharna. x